Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bates Trolley Ride in Hong Kong

We were considering taking the Hop On Hop Off Bus at $65.00 for two days but decided instead to spend a fraction of that cost and buy ‘Octopus’ cards; works the same way as the ‘Oyster’ Card in London. 

A trolley coming right at us from the other direction. I think they call the trolley a 'Ding Ding' here in Hong Kong. I heard that on TV last night.

The trolley is a narrow double decker with low ceilings, particularly on the top. One of the reasons you may feel safe is that the trolley car has to stay on the tracks so it cannot hit a trolley coming from the opposite direction.

Safety is not an issue. Windows are wide open. If you stuck your arm out you could lose it but how else can one take a good picture.

We never got on the first trolley that came by because it was so full and then six more people got on. So we squeezed on the next trolley and stood for a while before we got a seat. Greg is standing here on the lower floor of the trolley. 

Greg cannot stand up straight on the upper floor.

A picture of our Oyster Card.
Note on the card the word ‘elder’, elder in Chinese characters and in case you don’t get it there is a rocking chair; even cheaper for elders. Greg said they give the priesthood to women here. 

I just call Hong Kong a cement city. Up, up, up, and more up.


  1. Hello,

    I didn't "get" Greg's comment about giving women the priesthood in Hong Kong. I had to think about it for a long time. But since I looked carefully at the Oyster Card, even casting my eyes on the rocking chair that shows the pass you have as been for old people. Then I got the allusion to the priesthood. But I was slow on the uptake for a what was a good joke.

  2. Great pictures! We could use a few trollies here in Winnipeg as transit is bad. Keep enjoying the concrete city and I am so sad to hear Curry in a Hurry is no longer hurrying at all. :(

  3. Thank you Elders Bates for the fun post.