Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bates New Ipad in Hawaii

Oct. 13, 2013

Last night we were in the theatre for the evening show, listening to Mario (Italian born, immigrated to Australia at six and now lives in Las Vegas) sing and play a mean guitar. It took him about five minutes to warm up the audience and then there was no stopping him or the audience. At one point he started singing ‘Zippy dee do dah’, encouraged the audience to sing along and then he stopped singing and the audience finished the song. He then laughed and said he was getting paid to sing and we were doing it for him. A few minutes later, with the fabulous band behind him, he was singing ‘Bye bye bye Delilah’ and a tall, larger lady with a lacey shawl displaying no signs of inhibition, stood up at the back and began moving, swaying and swinging her shawl with eyes from the audience moving back and forth from her to Mario. When the song finished the audience roared and clapped while she ran up the isle to the front and Mario jumped off the stage to meet her with a huge hug and kiss. We were laughing so hard and loving the show which ended with a standing ovation.

I am telling you all this now because I want to sing ‘Bye bye bye I Pad’. This I pad I bought is making me feel ignorant and stupid. I knew I should have quit and never learned anything more. I pad and cellphone classes are delivered on the ship so I started attending them. The first morning I forged out on an excursion with my I pad, driving along the beech in Papeete, Tahiti, just taking at least a hundred pictures. Then I paused to find my pictures but could not find them anywhere on the I pad. So I snuggled up to a lady who was alone on the bus and asked her to find my pictures for me. After looking and not finding them, she showed me how to take a picture. Instead of taking a picture, I was shutting down my I pad with every picture I took. ______expletive!! 

 We were up early in the morning to take in the sailin in Oahu. I remember looking at at least a hundred of Glen's pictures of the sunrise in Hawaii. They are spectacular and even more so with the water and sea.
Greg in LaHaina, Maui.

Then I missed the first I Movie class but went to the second class on the ship. I was lost. I have a lot more respect for Teague and Charise for making their movies. I wish I could return my I Pad and stick to sewing. So now I have to have an I Cloud account so I can share with all my Mac devices but going online costs too much money so I am just getting farther and farther behind. Greg is smart, he will not even pick up the I pad. 

This picture is for Lurene and Charise because they are always taking goofy pictures. The other over seventy cruisers who were walking by and watching Greg take this picture thought we were nuts.

A couple of volcanoes here and there and you end up with this. Spectacular!

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