Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween - Alice is Ready

Halloween?  No problem for me
I am tempted to buy more Halloween decorations

That is the trouble with taking a walk in an urban neighbourhood, one that passes by Pier I Imports.

I go in to take a look when I pass by.
You want a shot from the back?  Sure!
Every year the decorations get more beautiful.

The black cats more sparkly, the burnished orange pumpkins yellower, rounder, the bats more able to fly to greater heights.

This is a lot better than going down for my nap.
Michael has an elephant costume that is not going down well.

He wanted it until he brought it home and saw the he was the one going to wear it.

It has been sitting on the couch alongside a doll while Michael’s mom and dad see if he can get acclimatized to the notion of having it be part of the Halloween family.

Where is my trick or treat bag?
The costume may have to be stuffed, put in a stroller and taken on a walk with Michael on Halloween night.

I can’t see any other way that this is going down.

Miranda says it is going to be a good Halloween.

Already they have four Halloween dates – places they usually go anyway, but places that are now having a party.

Alice is going to be a ghost.

 I asked Miranda who she was making the tutu for.

She said it was in the process of becoming a ghost costume and that I should hold off taking pictures until it was finished.

I took pictures anyway.

I'll catch that drool for you, baby ghost!"
But she was right.

I should have waited until the hat was finished and the black satin ribbon woven down the back of the outfit.

Now that is a good ghost costume for a 3 month old baby.

Michael is still not going to have anything to do with his Halloween costume.

Oh, maybe he will sit beside the stuffed costume while someone reads a story to him and the elephant.Miranda does say he will get into it and take a few elephant stomps through the house.

Then the costume comes off.

But that is it for Halloween preparations at their house!


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  1. Such beautiful pictures of Alice and Michael just loving her to pieces.