Monday, October 21, 2013

Bow Valley Brass Quintet

Free Concert tonight, October 19, by the Bow Valley Brass Quintet—a vibrant ensemble of Calgary Philharmonic members.  Well, not free for everyone.  Just free for students with their student ID and free for retired U of C employees.

For this concert the Bow Valley Brass Quintet performed Kevin McKee’s Vuelta del Fuego, Eric Ewazin’s Frost Fire, Jan Bach's Foliations, and some lighter numbers..
"You are going to take me to concerts when I grow up?"

I had an extra ticket so Pouria joined Amir and me.

Because wind players need some time to rest their embouchure between pieces,  Michael Eastep (tuba), Laurie Matiation (French horn) and David Reid (trombone) gave information about the pieces they were about to play -- nice additions to the fulsome programme notes.

Last spring they knew they were going to play in the University of Calgary Celebration Series, so they looked through their calendars.  This Saturday night was the only one that all of them had free.  So they filled their calendars in with this date and played for us.

My dream is to live long enough to continue to go to these concerts for many years -- at least live long enough that baby Alice can grow up and go with me.



  1. Great photo and caption. I hope the concert was lovely!

  2. The concert was part of the Celebration Music Series presented by the U of C's new School of Creative and Performing Arts.

    Yes, I enjoyed it.

    There aren't a lot of chances to hear brass quintets. I have a taste for the sound, having heard Teague, Tim and Lurene in performance.

  3. You are looking at 2 month old Alice Johnson who lives next door. I can hardly wait to get her on the same basketball team as 2 month old Piper Hicks who lives on the other side of the city. I only have to wait 13 years to get that dream going.