Friday, October 18, 2013


October 12, 2013

Bora and back on ship

We had a fabulous ride on the fast bayliner boat; eight passengers.


We drove by the huts, mountains and over the coral.

The water is absolutely full of so many colors and very clear.

Boram watercolor!

After driving for two hours, stopping here and there, the driver put the anchor down and told us all we could go for a swim. None of us were prepared for this. It was not part of the excursion. A couple of women went down the ladder and walked in about 4-5 feet of water. I just could not pass up a swim in the Polynesian waters of the Pacific so took a dive into the ocean. No ladylike entry for me. Just went back to the ship all wet and salty dry.

It was a fabulous afternoon.

Greg and I both came back looking like lobsters.


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