Sunday, November 15, 2015

'Tis beginnig to look a lot like Christmas

... a cozy rural Xmas setting ...
I truly thought our family was going to be the first one getting ready for Xmas.

Even with Moiya already buying a new tree that has the lights already on it at Costco, even with that, I thought we would get things going before she got her tree out of the box.

But it looks like David and Bonnie beat us all to the punch.  Their kitchen looks great.  I can even see the Vilroy and Boch Ice Village over on the buffet, and I wouldn't have thought to put the tree in the kitchen.  But why not?  That is where the action takes place.

I thought we would be first, for we have already turned our outside lights on for two days in a row.  As well we have gone out and watched Xmas music, both satirized and in its purest form.  What family has already listened to Auld Lang Syne -- all five verses.  Only ours.

I am in favour of the artificial trees -- if only for the reason that the lights are already on.  I think Steve likes the real tree -- if only for the reason that it doesn't have to be stored.

I know I have enough stuff in BC to decorate more than one house, and the same is true in Calgary.  So I am doing a "hands off" in the area of buying new decorations this year.  Tis the season to recycle what we already have ... I hope.


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