Monday, November 9, 2015

Pouring in Victoria

      Photography: Rebecca               Elk Lake 

It is evening and pouring rain in Victoria.

I took my walk at noon in the sun -- 40 minutes on the pavement, down to Sierra Park and around some cul-de-sacs I have never walked.

Such a joy to be in the sun and to walk on dry pavement.

The rest of the family took time to see the new James Bond movie: Specture

My only TV watching was with Steve. He watched two soccer matches.  Both were against Manchester -- the second was their game with West Brom.  I wanted to know what Brom stands for.  Apparently Bromwich, a city in the Midlands.

I was asking Steve every question in the book, never having seen such a sports exhbition where capitalism was in the forefront of every shot:  telegraphed around the outer perimeter of the game in neon lights, on the t-shirts on the players, on the leather seats of the sports managers and coaches.  I have never seen beer advertized in every language, the signs flashing as the ball was being kicked in, or thrown in from the sides.

I missed seeing James Bond.  Apparently there is something in the  show for people of all ages.

I really enjoyed the soccer on T.V., especially when I was reminded of the Midlands (the home of the losing team).  It wasn't very many years ago when Wyona and I had $700 passes to ride the British trains for 12 days.  We had to have passed through the midlands, for we went up one side of the British Islands, down the other, through Scotland, along Hadrian's wall and then up and down the middle of that beautiful island.  I have forgotten all of that until watching soccer.

I heard Steve saying he can hardly wait for the next Sabatical to London so he can see these games live.

I like watching sports from the comfort of a cozy chair.



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