Sunday, November 15, 2015


David ranks vegetables:
cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, snap peas

David told me that he likes certain vegetables to eat.

Then he put them on a plate to create a vegetable face for me.

That was pretty cool.  But I could see that near him were the Christmas decorations, which was my first clue that they are already setting up the house for the celebrations that will go on in December.

Not to say that I wasn't further alerted when he showed me the bran muffins he was making.  It is hard not to have my mouth watering.  He must have double-batched his cooking for there was enough for eating, lunches and freezing.

He is trying country biscuits next.  I love the house when it smells of baking.

And speaking of food, we went by 7 -11 a couple of days ago to see that it was National Pizza Day.  One dollar a slice. Who makes up these titles?  Probably a 7 -11 marketing device.

But Miranda tells me that Tuesday is National Bread Day.  How do you celebrate that?

Make bread?

How about just ... eat bread.


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