Saturday, November 7, 2015


Photo: Rebecca Johnson        REGATTA

Someone called to see if Rebecca would volunteer at the Regatta today -- "We just need someone to read the numbers over the microphone and announce where we are in the programme."

I could see by the slump in her shoulders that being at the Regatta at 8 am in a volunteer capacity wasn't the way she was wanting to spend the day.

This was even more so last night, when The Three Penny Opera didn't end until 11:30 pm.  That is the problem when a musical is still under copyright and there are restrictions on its performance.

Had the sun been shining, things may have also been different but you can see the clouds are behind the hills and the sun only comes out between the rain that falls lightly, and then heavily.

I thought a Regatta was a promise of a sunny day, flags flying and concessions selling hot dogs and popcorn.

As you can see, none of that is so.  A good part of the day is that she can wear the new rain boots she purchased, Chilcohtin in design, red and black -- works of art even though they are meant to take ones feet through the mud and rivulets that are everywhere.

The rain is making the grass so green in Victoria.  I get up every morning believing that there will be snow.  That is not the case.  Here, a welcome surprise to me,the yards are always green and today, the regatta is wet.



  1. Grandma Arta - I looked up what Regatta means. A series of boat races. Does Alex have another Regatta this month? How did his team do?

  2. his team in the quad race (4 men in a [leaky?] boat) came in third in the city final. His team in the "8" (yes, 8 men in a boat) did not do so well, but still he enjoyed it. He says he loves how much he has learned about boats and water in the past 2 months.

  3. Alex's rowing is over -- at least the rowing connected with the school team. So the Regatta finished that off.

    There is a rowing club that continues, but it is expensive: $1500 for the term and then he has to have a ride out to Elk Lake 5 days a week.

    I heard Alex saying how much he has learned about the water in the short two months that he has been rowing.

    I have seen trailers going along the roads that are loaded with the row boats -- long, long trailers and expensive equipment. Lucky Alex to have been in such a sport.

  4. What a great opportunity. That and fencing seem to keep the Victorian boys busy.