Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Christmas Lights and Music

 ...guess my most favourite Christmas carol ...
... or post your most favourte carol ...
We have our Christmas lights up.

Easy of course, when they haven't been taken down for 3 years.

Steve did replace hooks that were deteriorating and so things look good on our street, since we are the first to turn the switch this year.

Duncan's fencing companion came over to the house and since she likes to sing, shr and I went to the piano and pulled out the Christmas music, trying to find out which of the songs Duncan already knows.  If the song book's title is 365 Xmas Songs we were sure to find some carols that none of us knew.

We found ones that Stacey and I knew part of -- like "O Christmas Tree".  Easy to sing that song in English but we taunted everyone in the room by saying we could do it in German.  After Oh Tannenbaum, the lyrics became sketchy and both Stacey and I tried to throw in words like liederhosen and schnitzel to fool Duncan who was only listening to this adult craziness.

Other than trying to fake those lyrics, we did some serious singing, going through songs that have been long forgotten until we looked at the sheet music again.  I think one of my favouite songs will always be "Still, Still, Still", a carol few people know.

I was so excited by the chance of singing often before the holidays are in full swing that I went out on a search of the internet to find out the world's 10 favourite Christmas tunes, and then the world's 20 favourite Christmas tune.

What is your absolutely top favourite carol to sing?

I know of a Christmas Concert coming up where Zoe is singing.  She got into the Glee Club this year and even though she has only been going 2 weeks they have asked her to sing in the concert both because she has a nice voice and because she has been quick to learn the songs.  Perhaps the tunes may already be in her repetoire.  A second request.  Someone might put up the date and time of her concert.  Or at the very least post a picture for the rest of us, taken at her concert.



  1. The lyrics to my favourite song go like this:

    Still, still, still, to sleep is now His will
    On Mary's breast He rests in slumber
    While we pray in endless number
    Still, still, still, to sleep is now His will.

    Sleep, sleep, sleep, while we Thy vigil keep
    And angels come from Heaven singing
    Songs of jubilation bringing
    Sleep, sleep, sleep, while we Thy vigil keep.

    I can't believe I don't have the lyrics memorized. When I read them, they aren't that compelling, compared to other carols. I like to sing tune and listen to the harmonies.