Thursday, November 12, 2015

My First Dewali

Wishing you Happy Dewali

My First Dewali tonight. Hard to believe I haven't ever attending this festial before.  Families gathered together to celebrate this festival of lights.  We had sparkers out on the driveway.  There were candles lining the perimenter of the house in the yard and candles all over the inside.

The table was laden with Indian food.  Wonderful spices and lots of vegetarian dishes.

I had to list the names of the people I spoke to when I got home ... write their names in a book for I am starting to meet the same people more than once -- such interesting people and now seeing them with their children at a family and cultural celebration.

Rebecca has been making caramels -- must be close to Christmas.  So that were her food contribution for the kids and then she took along some amazing dahl.

I don't know if people say this, but Happy Dewali to all.


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