Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kenneth Branagh ... and The Winter's Tale

Rebecca and I have been watching the trailers for The Winter's Tale and tonight is the evening we get to see this movie.  Judi Dench looks exquisite in it.
Judi Dench as Pauline
Photograph: Johan Persson
Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company
Garrick Theatre

Here is the Guardian Review which will make people want to flock to the show.  For me, it sounded like the perfect entree to Christmas 2015, if one likes to enter with Shakespeare's most perfect play.

Matt Wolf renders an equally good review in the NY Times and notes that "the more galvanic reason for the show’s sold-out status is the presence of Judi Dench. The venerable dame, who will be 81 next month, takes the supporting role of Paulina, the voice of moral authority in a play whose leading character acts unconscionably, and anchors a sometimes wayward staging with an authority and presence all her own."

I was heartsick when I didn't find it at our IMAX theatre and I thought it was't playing.

But there is another theatre complex close by that is carrying it.  I noticed it is on in a lot of theatres in Calgary, tonight onlu.

Good luck if your schedule is flexible enough to allow you to attend.


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