Monday, November 9, 2015

Vitamin K-2

Two or three Dr.s have been advising me to add Vitamin K-2 to my diet, as a way to promote bone health.  Hearing this once or twice would have been enough, but the suggestion has been coming from everywhere.

Rebecca decided to see what foods promote Vitamin K-2.

Natto.  Japanese natto.  Apparently natto has 1000 units of Vitamin K-2, far outstripping any other food.

Rebecca watched videos about natto.  The words stinky and slimy dropped from the lips of the commentator many times.  And the woman demonstrating how to eat this said that the chop-sticks have to be twisted around and around to prevent the fine cheese like strips from landing on a person's chin.

The fermented soy beans are to be eaten on rice, with a mustard sauce and some green onion strips added for freshness.

Even the clerks at the Japanese grocery store warned Rebecca against buying the product as well, two of them coming over to the refrigeration unit, hovering and warning her that she might not like the experience.

Rebecca has a high tolerance for adventure.  I have a high tolerance for new food tastes.

We are on our fourth package of fermented soy beans now -- both of us are getting our vitamin K-2 the natural way.

Others in the house flee the kitchen when we take the seal off of the package and begin to beat the soy beans to stimulate the stringy glutonous mass that surrounds them.

Nothng like fermented soy beans for an adventure.


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