Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembrance Day

Rebecca and I watched the Remembrance Day Ceremony as it was televised from Ottawa. I haven't ever seen the whole thing before ... only clips from the news. I watched the wreaths laid, the march by of the Veterans Parade, was touched by the music from the Ottawa Children's Choir and the trumpet as it did The Last Post.

I thought about Greg and wondered today if somehwere someone is asking him to say by heart "In Flander's field the poppies grow ...." If they ask, they will be more than pleasantly surprised.

Hard not to think of think of PTSD, how it has affected our loved ones from the past.  I as thinking about Loyd Bates, specifically, and how the present leads us to think again about the past.

I was remembering the time we spent in London and how we went to the Cenetraph there on November 11.  I remember Glen taking his poppy over to the park and laying it at the Canadian Fountain.

Yes ...  a day for rememmbrance.



  1. My earliest memory related to Remembrance day is of being in Sears with my mom (elementary age?) and my mom and everyone else stopped in their tracks and bowed their heads in silence. It felt like a prayer at church, or that moment just before a prayer.

  2. Greg went to the Remembrance day ceremony on the ship. I waited up in the Oceanview cafe so we could have a good spot to sit.