Monday, November 9, 2015

Hamlet - NT Live

The repeat performances of Hamlet are playing in our city -- one performance was Saturday and one was tonight.

Duncan wanted to return and see the play again.  He loves Hamlet's madness scene in act i where the madness is acted out as though Hamlet is a toy soldier.

Image from NT Live Website
Unfortunately, that is the part in the show where Duncan fell asleep this time.

I had the reverse experience.  On the initial viewing, I fell asleep in the second act, so I did what I rarely do -- bought popcorn in the second half and those little white buttered kernels kept me awake.

I am dying to know how the Brooks kids enjoyed the play for we know they went tonight as well.

Rebecca's high point of a second tiime viewing is the chance to watch the acting a little bit more.

I spent a lot of time watching the lighting on the faces of the actors, and I think I enjoyed both the slow motion blocking as well as the strobe lights.

I have always loved the scene where Hamlet talks about playing the clarinet with his friends.

And Ophilia's madness was done so well with her body as well as her words -- I couldn't stop watching the jerky motion of her feet.

I can hardly wait to hear how you guys, did, Mary.  I was pleasantly surprised again to see that the IMAX theatre in Victoria was pretty well full again.  No one in the very front seats and a few people sat on the sides.   But the middle of the theatre was a full house.

While Duncan was watching the clips that precede the movie, the ones that show how many productions have been available to us, he could name the ones he had seen and there weren't many that he has missed.  I was thinking back to the first year I heard about the opera.  Catherine's children were little but she had taken them to a performance of Hansel and Gretel.  It took me another year to get hooked and now penciling into my calendar when the performances are is a happy part of my day.

Some good ones are coming.  The ballet is on the 15th and Lulu on the 21st and then another ballet on the 29th.


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  1. Mary has already reported on her family's viewing of Hamlet last night.

    "Absolutely fantastic. Leo was still raving about it this morning. Rhiannon on the other hand said it was boring and too loud and next time, she was only coming if it was a Shakespeare comedy. ??? I guess she was listening when I said he wrote 3 kind of plays – comedies, tragedies and histories."