Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Fastest Home Made Pizza in the World

... almost plain pizza ...

We are going nuts in out house over Miranda's quick pizza crust recipe.

The ingredients for the crust go together in a mixer for 5 minutes. And while all that is going on, the toppings can be cut in readiness for the last act -- spreading on the pizza sauce.

We say that we can make this pizza faster than one can be ordered and delivered.  I think we are right.  One recipe feeds four of us and the dinner is hot, delicious and everyone gets their version of the best pizza in the world.  For Duncan this means just sauce and mozzarella cheese -- pepperoni on it when pushed but that part is not necessary.

Rebecca wants to carmelize some onions and add roaster red peppers.  Those come from the jar and yes, carmelizing the onions does slow down the speed but that is fine when the first bite of that hits out lips.

Thanks Miranda.  And if anyone wants the recipe, speak up and I will put it over on larchkitchen.blogspot.com



  1. The recipe is printed and on our fridge. I made it again today, this time half whole wheat and half white flour. Duncan would be in the house by five pm and he is the one who likes the pizza, so I got out the old Kenwood that Rebecca owns and proofed the yeast while I tied up the kitchen. Adding the ingredients is easy and then the motor did the work for 8 minutes while I finished up more work in the kitchen. I let the dough rest until that kid walked in the door at which time, I just pressed it onto 3 pizza pans.

    It took more time to cut the sun-dried tomatoes and the artichoke hearts.

    Of course none of those ingredients go on Duncan's pizza. He is a crust / sauce / minimal cheese pizza guy.