Saturday, November 28, 2015

Food Adventures

I am implicated in the ongoing task of finding new food to eat.  I get this adventure because I like trips, one of which is being at Rebecca’s side when she goes shopping.

B.C.'s Ambrosia
For example, there was a slightly more expensive apple in the produce section, and she bought that, along with three other apples and told me that we are going to have a tasting party – find out if we can really tell the difference between one apple and another. She went as far as to go to Google to find out the original of the Ambrosia apple. Apparently the Mennel Family of Similkameen Valley, B.C. found the apple growing in their orchard. They knew they had a winner when the pickers stripped that tree themselves. An apple is way more fun when it comes with a history like that, though Steve is staying with his own favourite.

The next week Rebecca brought home another variety: Grapple, which arrived in our kitchen with the most fragrant grape smell I have ever encounter. I love it when these exotic fruits come sitting in plastic containers, four apples only. Perfect presentation.

Our usual apples don’t come with the exorbitant price on them that came with the grapes Kelve introduced us to. Whoever heard of Cotton Candy Grapes – I guess the word is food fushion -- strange, a grape and an apple.

Rebecca can’t keep her eyes off of the new and strange – to us, Pomela. either. Duncan has tried it as a drink. I can’t say the same for Rebecca and me. We had it on the kitchen counter with no ide of what to do with it. We watched to u-tube clips so the fruit was demystified for us and Rebecca took up the knife last night to cut into the skin. I was amazed at all of those seeds lined up in the pomelo segment. And there is a trick to getting that membrane off of the fruit and having the pulp remain in one piece.

Rebecca shared the pomelo as a snack as a snack – she couldn’t get anyone else in the house to taste the fruit. No taste adventurers live here.

The last item in her grocery bags were those beautiful black globe grapes. Globe is the word to underline. I popped a few of those in my mouth! A handful = a full meal.

I push the cart while Rebecca takes an adventure in the produce isle. Fun!

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  1. I adoooooore the honey crisp apples. Especially when I can find some during the fall that have been grown in Quebec. Worth every penny of the $2 a piece they cost. Ha!