Friday, November 6, 2015

Mount Doug / Fall Concert

We attended the Mount Doug Fall Concert to listen to the concert bands, the choirs and the jazz bands.  Rebecca leaned over to me and said, "There is no doubt about it.  These high school performances are wonderful to listen to.

The house was brought down with "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", a grade IX violinist just killing it with her bow on the strings.

The Men's Choir made all of us lean forward with "My Girl".  There is a certain bravado high school males have when they will join the men's choir and then put us in the isles with our cheering.

I am not a fan of anime movies, but the last number was from Joe Hisaishi and arranged by Yo Goto, "My Neighbor Totoro".  The students knew the piece.  Their bodies were swaying to the music and I worked at listening up.  I don't want the musical world to pass me by because I haven't been listening.



  1. Hi Grandma Arta,

    I didn't know any of those songs and I have not yet seen any movies with Totoro. I listened to the songs on the internet with my mom and watched two trailers [My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away].

    My favourite song was "My Girl" [1965, Temptations]. The harmonizing sounded real nice. I would like to sing in a group like that someday. I would want to be the lead singer because I am not sure I could coordinate my moves with the other guys. Also, besides singing the most, I would get to pick my own moves.

    In the video I saw [1965] the lead singer had a moustache. I wouldn't mind having one, but more like Luigi's [from the video game Mario Brothers]. His [handle bar] moustache is kinda like a second smile.

  2. Hi David,

    I wonder if you will watch any more of the Japanese anime. I didn't know anything about it until I saw Duncan watching some of it. He has another friends who loves anime as well, and I could tell by watching the high school kids at the concert, that there are many who love this film form.

    I can't believe you wentout and watched "My Girl". And liked it! Of course it is a wonderful art form and if you ever get to sing in a male choir, or even quartet, I think you will do well.

    As to you looking at the wonderful moustaches that some of the singers sport, yes to those handlebar moustaches. Do you know that the men have a wax that they use to twist and turn the moustache so that it will have just the exact look they want?