Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fractured Land

Caleb Dehn in Fractured Land
Rebecca was on a panel today with John Borrows and Val Napoleon and Caleb Behn discussing the new documentary Fractured Land.

Then we attending the 6:45 showing of the film in the Old Victoria Theatre downtown.

Life is almost perfect when there is a parking spot right in front of the theatre, when the Noodle Box is right next door and can provide supper, and when the rain is falling, reminding me of the joy of clean water again.

Everyone had a favourite spot in the film.  Mine was the young Dene lawyer in a canoe.  Alex liked the part where an animal that was in trouble was killed and then skinned.  Rebecca liked the part where the young activist had forgotten speaking engagements, that luckily, where still in the future.

None of us will be able to stomach fracking any more -- the film brought a high awareness of the environmental danger it poses to all of us.  Oh, perhaps I liked the closing credit which rolls by to say the Caleb hopes to become the Keeper of the Water.That fits right into my politics.

We are home now. Duncan is finishig the evening off with homework.  Last night he and his mother had a discussion about plays and musicals.  Duncan thought he had seen at least 50 in the past few years.  His mother said no -- probably only 20.  So they counted.  Duncan was right.  They counted 56.

Fractured Land will count as the 57th.



  1. and there was caramel!!!! :-) it was a great day, both panel and the film itself. serious treat! it was less impressive when i got the guys to sign my drum but using a dry erase marker.