Sunday, November 15, 2015

Quick Pizza

Miranda has a recipe for a quick pizza dough. Make the dough and put it directly onto the pizza pan. Add toppings and cook and the whole event is over.

She promised Duncan that she could make the pizza faster than she could order it and have it delivered.

She was right.  Ours had carmalized onions, roasted red peppers and a sundried tomato pesto on the bottom.  I don't know why I am looking at this with wonder.  I have already put it in my mouth, had a couple of bites and decided nothing could inprove the pizza, though others might add some parmesan or some hot pepper flakes.

I thought we should put on Xmas music while we ate, but perhaps having Rebecca's friend Stacy over and singing carols for a half hour at the piano was enough.

My sight-reading leaves something to be desired, but people have to gather around to see the lyrics and they just ignored the fact that sometimes I play in D major when the song is in A Flat Major.

Duncan put on some music from his computer, so now I must learn Great Big World's "Say Something", as well as Cold Play's "Viva La Vie".  And then he switched to Bob Dylan's "Wagon Wheels".

So now a third song to learn before I can tempt people back to the sweet and familiar old carols.



  1. We put our Christmas tree up this week. Took down Halloween and replaced it. Lurene put her tree up also.