Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Egg and Cheese Breakfast

... cooking breakfast on my own ...
Egg and Cheese Breakfast Biscuit
by David


1. Get out a mug, a fork, a teaspoon, a plate, and a paper towel.

2. Open the fridge and get out eggs, cheese, and margarine.

3. Get a country biscuit and put it on your plate.

4. Put 1 teaspoon of margarine in the mug and cook for 25-30 seconds.

5. Use the Ov-Glove to take out the mug and move the margarine around to cover the inside bottom half of the cup.

6. Crack an egg into the mug, fork the yolk, and then throw the shell in the compost bin.

7. Cover the mug with a paper towel and put the mug back into the microwave for 35 seconds. When done it will look jiggly but not runny. Put in for 10 second intervals until it's cooked enough.

8. While the egg cooks get a slice of cheese and put it on your plate.

9. Cut your country biscuit in half using a black-handled (sharp) knife and put your biscuit in the toaster.

10. Butter toasted biscuit and put cheese on one half of the biscuit.

11. Use the Ov-Glove to take the mug out of the microwave and use a butter knife to go around the edge of the cup to loosen the egg from the sides of the mug.

12. Drop the egg onto the buiscuit.

Enjoy with a glass of chocolate milk!

Cooking Time:  30 minutes.

Eating was the easiest thing for this recipe. The hardest bit was figuring out where everything is (e.g., teaspoon, coffee mug) and waiting (while the egg cooked - waiting is so boring). 

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