Thursday, February 2, 2017

Buying Good Snacks

I go out with Wyona often.  We call it shopping, but it is not about filling our carts with things we don’t really need.  It is about being together and enjoying one another’s company.  Mmm.  Perhaps we do need what we put in our carts.  Wyona has her three families that Iive in town and she invites them over often, so she is filling her cart with the equivalent of bulk store take out.  Anything that can come of of the freezer, go to the oven and be served at the table.  That is our idea of prep.  We spend a lot of our time exploring products we have not seen and sometimes we are laughing at ourselves.  For example, how many people call going to the Costco food court an outing.

I know that this is the time of year when Wyona starts looking for hot cross buns.  She doesn’t want a dozen, only one.  She sees new cookies on the Import isle and she buys them for Greg.  I asked her why she just doesn’t let him buy his own, and then she said, “Remember, how he likes cookies?”  Then I remembered and I can see why she does it.  There could be nobody more grateful for a good cookies.  The only person I have seen happier is Kelvin when he gets a nice bowl of bread and milk at night .


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