Monday, February 27, 2017

I, Claude Monet

Exhibition on Screen - at the Imax, Feb 26th, 2017
I don't know what it was that made me decide to go to the Monet Exhibitions on Screen yesterday.

I just looked at the clock and knew that if I didn't grab my purse and make a run for the LRT, that I would be missing something that I really wanted to see.

Usually these shows are taken from an exhibition.  This time the producers showed some pictures by Monet and had an actor read lines from his diary.  It was beautiful to hear his words and to see images in real life of the places that he painted.

I would go to hear it again in a heartbeat -- just a little over an hour and a half long.  The theatre was slow emptying.  I was one of those who just couldn't hop up and run back to my busy life.

One of my film professors said that the opera, the ballet, the National Theatre, the Gallery Series -- all of them are tapping a market that the film industry previously neglected.  The theatre was full so he must be right for the appetite is there.


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  1. Did you get to see Monet paintings in an IMAX theatre? That would be a baptism by immersion not to be forgotten. The first Monet painting I saw in person that I can recollect was when I was in my late teens. My art teacher was "my big sister". I feel like she told me to squint and see what impression I got from looking at his painting that way. Another suggestion she gave was to imagine I was looking at a pond when it was raining outside - what would the image be then? And I can remember wondering, how will I ever have enough time to see all the things I have not yet seen, learn all the things that I have not yet learned.