Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Two Water Samaritans

The water would probably have
flooded my septic field and I will
be getting the smell from that
for a few days!
At 6 am Glen called to ask me how the water pressure was at my house.

He asked me to check around and see if any of my pipes had broken, for the pressure was down to 20% and had been since last night.  He had been up at 3 am looking for the primary spots where this might have happened.  Enough water is coming down the stream, the problem is not at the intake.

I checked my inside water valves, and looked on the side of my basement wall, where once there was a leak that had caused a waterfall in that spot.

 Everything looked good to me on the inside of the house.

 An hour later I heard a snowball hit my window.

There were David and Glen at the cabin side of my house.

The broken pipe was obvious and both men were fixing the spot.

A temporary fix so that everyone else can have water.  And a larger fix to be done in the spring.

Then Glen dug me out a path to my compost.

Do I really need to compost for just 10 days.  Apparently I think I do.

Empty the snow out of the bin.
Find the lid.
Readjust the 2 bottom parts.
David just told me to come down
and use his 3 bins.
I knew the snow was up to my thighs, but I didn’t know how heavy the snow was until I watched him take a shovel full, cut it away from the rest of the snow and then lift it.

Just a small path from the basement to the compost, but a big job.

I had also asked David to take out the panes of glass out of the railing on my porch so that I could shovel the snow off of the deck.

We can do it!  We can do it!  We can do it!
Glen asked me to instead, pray that there will be five good days of weather and that the snow will melt off of the porch.

I thought it was generous of him to invite me to supplicate for such a wish from the heavens, since he and his family have arranged a big ski holiday for 5 days.


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