Saturday, February 25, 2017

Eating a meal together

Doral drove down from Edmonton yesterday.  We ate Chinese food at Richard's house.  Doral calls the ginger fried beef something you can get only in Calgary.  "Mmm.   Candy."

Alice agreed with him for she is a little girl who eats widely.

It took some time before we all found our places at the table.  Betty wanted to sit by me.  I was getting that reward because I had just been reading her nursery rhymes.  I had taken the extra-large brown bag that the Chinese food had been delivered in, and placed on the floor on the right side of my chair.  When Betty was ready to get down, I lifted her out of the high chair, over my head and put her down the floor beside me on my right side.  She fit easily in the bag.  I don't know which of us were more surprised.

Alice wanted to sit on her dad's lap.  He was sitting on an exercise ball and a few times I heard him say, "Alice, if you are going to push like that, you have to get off of my lap, for I can't keep my balance when you do that."

Michael sat by Doral who introduced him to some of the Simpson characters.  I went out to look at the favourite of the night, but that character didn't even get into the top 100 characters we have learned to love in the Simpsons.    Still Michael was fascinated.  I wondered when he would be allowed to watch the Simpsons.  His dad said when he was married.

Dr. Zoidberg
So instead Doral introduced Michael to Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama.

Michael was mesmirized.

He and I haven't seen such a figure while we have been reading the Sunday Funnies.

Joan and Miranda got to sit by each other -- a rare treat.

We had a noodle dish, a shrimp/vegetable dish and blessed ginger fried beef.  Doral says when he is having his worst cravings, he just gives in and gets 3 orders of ginger fried beef.  He also said he has been looking up the recipe and he is going to make it at Easter break when he has two full days to prepare it.

Ah, sweet Easter break!


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  1. David had Ginger Beef for the first time just a few weeks ago. His exact word to describe it was "candy". Mmmm.