Monday, February 20, 2017

Do you have your pass?

I started hearing about people getting the Free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass last year.

The occasion is to honor Canada's One Hundred and Fiftieth Birthday.

On the way out to B.C. I asked Greg if he had his pass.  He whipped it out of his glove compartment, waving it in his hand to show it to me.

Moiya and I applied for free park passes at the same time.  I watched her do it, and fill out the contest entry for a free trip to one of the other parks that I might not get to. Filling it out takes only seconds. The hardest thing to remember is to check the box that signifies having read the rules and regulations. Here is the URL for anyone who hasn't filled it out yet.  The pass takes about 6 weeks to come.

Last year when I drove out to B.C. with Doral and Anita, he told me we could stop anywhere in the parks that I wanted to stop.  I had my list ready and Anita had her cell phone out so that before we got there, she had googled what was of interest in the places I wanted to stop.  

Very cool.

When I have more time, I am going to post my favourite places to stop along the way.  Why not now, since the places are on the tip of my tongue.

1. Skunk Cabbage
2. Giant Cedars 
2. Hemlock Grove
4. Rogers Pass
5. Field Tourist Centre to look at Burgess Shale
7. Banff: Banff Springs Hotel, Cave and Basin, Hot Springs, Museum, Candy Shop, walking on main street
8. Spiral Tunnels -- though this isn't in one of the parks, it is definitely a view not to be missed.
9. Bow Falls  I walked this 40 min in and 40 minute out trail with Doral, Anita and their girls last summer.  Breathtaking if you have the time.

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  1. Mary had some other ideas about travelling, if a person is going from Victoria to Edmonton. Here they are:

    Victoria – Harrison hot springs (4 hours)
    Harrison hot springs –Revelstoke (5 hours)
    Revelstoke – Banff (3 hours)
    Banff – Drumheller (2.5 hours – visit for the dinosaur museum)
    Drumheller – Edmonton (3 hours).

    Edmonton – Waterton (5.5 hours, stay night)
    Waterton – Rossland – (6 hours, stay night)
    Rossland – Vancouver (7 hours) – stop in osoyoos for lunch and a swim, or tour of a vineyard

    I’m sure the Jasper route would be beautiful, but I have never done it so don’t know it.

    The return route along the Rockies through the foothills to Waterton is not to be missed. The southern route through BC (highway 3 I think) is also spectacular.