Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lunch at Agecare Seton

Kelvin, Mary and I had lunch together.  Sharon came along too. Miller, the person who helped her at lunch was a godsend, at least to me.  I picked up  tips again about how to care for the aging – how to make sure they can hear you, how to give them enough time to process what you say and how they feel about moving on, how to keep the atmosphere calm, even fun.  Miller was doing it all. I was reminded again of how caring, respectful and skilled the workers are in Seton Place.  He coached her through her whole meal, speaking directly in her ear, assuring her that the next bite was going to just as delicious as the last — got her through soup filled with tiny bits of mushroom, a Greek salad, a chicken breast, a mini-milk shake, a glass of cranberry juice, and her fruit salad made only of watermelon.  I thought I was watching a miracle.  Miller made her laugh quite a few times through the meal.  

“Do you always feed her?” I asked.

“No.  We rotate through the jobs.”

After lunch Kelvin, Mary and I went out onto a large balcony on the sixth floor and sat in the warm winter sun -- all of us wrapped in scarves and hats.  We chatted about the construction that is going all around him.  What a view -- the prairies, the construction vehicles, the iron frames of the new buildings.  What is not to love about that!

Yes, lunch at Agecare Seton.  

A joy.



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