Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Free Parks Canada Pass

I have been thinking more about the joys of having a free Canada Parks Pass. Last year with Doral and his family, I stopped and did the Wapta Falls Hike. Certainly a joy to walk down that well tended path to those beautiful falls.

As I was driving back into Calgary, yesterday, I was watching for places I have never stopped. One of those is the Bourgeau Hike. I will certainly take a look at where it leads out on the internet, even if I don’t get there.

On the way back the roads were beautiful.

Wyona spent a lot of her time with her camera out the sun roof, trying to catch just the right shot of the sun on the mountains.

I added layer after layer of scarves, and then gloves as the fresh winter air swept into the back seat.

A person doesn’t need a park pass for that.

One of our stops was at the Tourist Bureau in Canmore. I wanted take a look around, but the hours are 9 to 5 and we arrived later than that.

The walkway to the restrooms was so icy that a person could just have skated the distance. On the way out Greg said, “I hope you don’t mind if I drive a little slower this leg of the journey.  If the roads are like this, I think slower is better.”

We weren’t on the highway for three minutes but the storm was over, the sky was blue, the roads were dry and we sailed on home.


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