Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More Scarves

Patches of Cut Threads on Blue
The scarves just weren’t on sale at the Salmon Arm Winners, they were on sale for 75% off and sometimes 80% off the regular price.

I had to go touch every one, looking at the place it was made, the fabric content, and the pattern.

Buying eight scarves when the price is like that, is like buying just one regular scarf, except the thrill is greater.

I know it is a mistake to come home and tuck those in a drawer, since I cannot remember which drawer or cupboard I put them in when I want a quick scarf.

Instead I left them out and began to wear them during the days at home, or the evenings at the film festival. I have had to ignore if the scarf really goes with the outfit since my goal has been to wear them until I am familiar with them – evening naming them. Black silk scarf with pearls embroidered into the fabric and tied into the fringe. Fushia poppies, was $50, now $5.

Everything with a name.
Fushia Poppies on Sheer Black Silk

I just couldn’t figure out where to store them, whether to clear out a drawer for them, or to leave them out on the top of the dressor. I finally decided to get them in a closet on hangers, since some are winter weight. No one can imagine my delight at finding a spot for them, and discovering I also have another set of scarves already hanging in that cupboard, in that spot.

A woman can never have enough scarves.


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  1. I completely agree Aunt Arta!! I have a love of scarves as well however I think my collection does not compare with yours!! ๐Ÿ’—