Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Mary was telling me a story about her children and she said one of them uses the newest dance move: dabbin'.

I asked for a demo so she gave me one.

I tried to do it myself: head tucked down in one arm and the other arm stretch straight out and back.

 ... Mary and Arta practise dabbing ...
I didn't think much of this until we had Reading Club and I was studying Landon.

At one point he did well on the word families and was congratulated.
 ... Landon shows the dabbing move with class ...

He performed the dabbing move.

Where do little Grade I-er's learn these moves.

When I brought it up with his mother, she didn't know what dabbin' is all about.

Do kids learn it on the playground at recess?

We certainly aren't teaching it at reading club, though it is being performed there.


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