Monday, February 20, 2017

On getting your money back

I can't tell who is funding the following weight loss grant programme. Mary said she would do the research and find out.  So here is the URL:

Wyona called about it and then told me about it.  I was checking it out for when I was going with Kelve to the Bariatric Surgery Programme lessons with him, I heard them talk about many kinds of weight loss programmes.  There was only one programme that they warned people about.  I was trying to figure out why, and so went out to do some research of my own.  But that is for another day.

When I joined Weight Watchers and then went down to my goal weight, I figured out how much I had paid them until I lost all of the weight I needed.  It was about $5 a pound.  Then when I taught, I knew that if I told women they could loose weight for only $5 a pound, they would all pull out their check books and write me the appropriate sum.  But there is a hidden piece to all of that.  You have to do the work involved, and that is the piece of the puzzle that is hard to uncover.

At any rate, check it out.  You will get your money back, if we can believe the testimonials.  I don't doubt them. Well, not all of your money. Just up to 80% of it.

I was talking to Moiya and Wyona about this on the way home from the film festival last night.  Wyona said that there was a time limit.  She got in on the section that ended Feb 17th.  I notice that there is a new timelimit:  March 4th.  Now over to you, Mary.  Check it out!


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  1. Bonnie began to read the fine print on this offer. You must agree to write a thank-you note, and that it can be published along with a picture of you.

    Has anyone heard of someone who had done this programme and found success with it?