Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reading Club in February

How long should I leave this here?  It is hurting!
Laynie invited us to a Reading Club Party at Janet and Glen’s last night.

We had a fantastic timer: 10 adults and Landon and Piper.

Wyona brought new reading fun – this time. 

Still looking at word families but this time with a close pin.

Piper's hair do as she does reading club puzzles
“Do anything you want with this clothes pin, but don’t put it on your nose.”

Wyona’s instructions didn’t quite take with Landon, or maybe they did. For the clothes pin crept closer and closer to his nose.

Piper wanted to have clothes pin fun too, but hers went in her hair.

 First one.

 Then two.
Recipe:  the carrot cake that has
pineapple in it as well.

 Then three.

 That seemed to work for her.

The meal was superb.

When I am home and eating with Richard and Miranda I have a mantra about food.

 It goes like this. 

“This meal tastes better than anything I could buy in a restaurant.”

Apparently I say that enough times that, now when I am not there, Michael says at the end of meals, “Grandma would say, this meal tastes better than I could find in any restaurant.”

... appetizer's from Moiya's ...
This was also true of the meal we shared together that night: pink crusted salmon, a garden salad that was decorated as though it were a cobb salad, parallel lines of pistachios, cheese and red, green and yellow chopped vegetables across the top of the salad.

Moiya brought a two layered cream cheese frosted carrot cake. 

Landon was told he could have a second piece if he finished his first one.

He was up to the challenged until about half way through the first piece when he had to push it away.


You won’t be getting a second piece, someone said to him.
 ... vegetables decorate the top of the salad ...

 “That was already 2 pieces,” he said pointing to the cake.

 And yes, a piece of a two layered cake does look like two pieces.

 I love two generational parties.


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