Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Miracle of the Lift Chair

Mary calls this incident, this the miracle of the lift chair. Here is how it happened. Kelvin’s lift chair quit working. Some Seton technicians came to look at it, but said that they couldn’t fix it. I went about looking for a new chair and we bought one on Kijiji. Richard delivered it. It only worked a couple of days. I went online to buy a new chair, ordered it; it was to come in 14 days from Ontario. The same day Mary and I took some Indian take-out food over to Kelvin to have lunch with him. Sharon joined us and when lunch was over we went back to his room.

As we were settling in, Mary preparing to read some poetry to Kelvin, at the door came the same 2 workmen who had tried to fix the chair, saying to us, “Here is a chair that isn’t being used anymore. We are to dispose of it, but we thought Kelvin might use it.” A big smile came on our faces. And ours as well. Yes, to the miracle of the lift chair.

And yes to the sub-miracle of the heat in the lift chair.

The next day Kelvin told Mary that the chair was too hot to sit in.

 She checked his back for heat and then she checked the controller for extra setting buttons.

 This chair has heat that can be added.

 How sweet is that!

 Two miracles in one.


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