Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Going to the Zoo

We always want to see what the penguins
are doing next at the zoo
Saturday and Sunday mornings always start with crepes.

And then the household packs up for a day at the Calgary Zoo.

Everything is packed:  a stroller, a diaper bag, winter clothes for three children, water bottles, and treats.

I think of going to the zoo as a summer activity.
Celebrating Canada's 150th in a very big chair.

But next door, the Johnsons have a yearly pass and that means going to the zoo all year round.

They start the morning with crepes.

I think there is almond milk and some buckwheat in the secret recipe that comes off of the griddle.

Everyone has a different filling.

Alice likes to have butter and icing sugar on the crepe, with it rolled up, cut in pieces and then a cloud.

Sometimes she is waving her hand through the air, trying to get rid of the white powdery dust floating over her plate.

Resting by a stream at the zoo.
The cloud is Alice giving some fulsome shakes of icing sugar as a decoration on the top of the crepe – a necessary addition for her.

...Richard gets an out of season shot at a moose...
 Michael likes Nutella.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

Nothing wrong with that!

I think there should be some protein at breakfast time so I have a peanut butter crepe. I try to keep it down to just one portion and not three.

Michael can do four crepes on a good morning.

 ...big chance to be a little bear for
Then the left over crepes are rolled, bagged and the family is one the way to the zoo.

The day's highlight?  It is the hippopotamuses who are not to be missed.

And the rest of the zoo is good in every possible way.


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