Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Who is really cold?

From Moiya:
I found a new recipe on my email this morning for 
hamburger buns. 
I thought I would try making them because 
they called for one half a cup of mashed potatoes 
in the recipe.The tops of these buns are nice 
and a little bit crusty but I'm sure will get softer.  
If the recipe tastes good they will be a keeper.
Moiya called me just as I was Facetiming with Kelvin.

So I put the phone near to my computer and Dave, Moiya, Kelvin and I continued to talk with each other.  What is there not to like about technology that can do that for us.

We chatted about how cold it is.  Moiya brought the subject up because it is -8 Celsius at the Shuswap tonight.  She said she is bitterly cold.  I guffawed.  She should be in Alberta.  In fact she is an Alberta girl at heart and she should be able to remember what real cold is like.  Our roads are so snowy that a person needs double, maybe double and a half the usual amount of time to get places.

However we aren't cold.  Only Winnipeggers know what real cold is.


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