Sunday, June 15, 2014

a new photographer for hire

the unobtrusive photographer?
or taking a gaming break?
In 2009 David attended his first wedding - that of Miranda and Richard.

The next summer, four-year-old David said he couldn't wait to "dance the night away" when Miranda and Richard got married again. He asked, "how much longer until the wedding"?

In 2014 David got to see this same couple renew their wedding vows.

Jack, the original Justice of the Peace, arrived at 9:35 am Saturday morning.

Richard and Miranda strolled down the same fern-lined path, back to the Wedding Reach of the stream.

Miranda carried Alice.

Richard carried Michael's truck.
framing the subjects

Michael carried his second truck.

David carried his ipad mini.

David was the ceremony photographer.

He darted up and down the hill,
sometimes taking videos,
sometimes taking photos,
sometimes pausing to watch.

He was determined to capture every moment,
taking 3 videos and 220 photos in all.

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