Thursday, June 19, 2014

Two girls and two strollers

 .. the girls chat at the bottom of the raspberry patch
while the boys play in the stream ...
“I didn’t get any beans last year. That is because the deer ate my garden,” said Moiya.

“Dave and I are not going to have anything to do with that this year,” she went on.

... any good rock should be tested first in the mouth ...
"I will be eating Arta's raspberries next year."
"We have taken fish wire and encircled the garden ... 3 times. Apparently when they touch the fish wire they are spooked and they go somewhere else to eat. So our garden is going to be save this year. I also ready that you can attach tin pin plates that will bang on each other in the wind to keep them away. You can see I have been out on the internet gathering information about how to keep the deer out of my garden.”

 ... Piper's two bottom teeth ...
Glen is more relaxed about deer in the garden.

“We live in a rural area. What do you think is going to happen. I plant my garden to bring the deer. I tell people, look, I have deer on my property. And I get them there by planting a garden. Gets them every time.”

... Alice can only dream she has teeth ...
At any rate, back to my life. I have been saving the job of weeding my raspberries to the last.

I have been remembering the hours of collecting them, freezing them, making compote out of them, and jam. Today is my weeding day for that long line of bushes.
... finally let loose on the ramp ...
only unripened cherries to eat down here

Yesterday Glen said, who has been munching on your raspberries.

I didn’t know what he meant.

He marched me up to the bushes. There are just lonely tall stalks, the leaves and the flowers all gone – I guess to the deer I saw a couple of days ago, a little faun down drinking in my pool.

The deer must have been needing a drink after his delicious dessert, eaten at the expense of summer raspberries for the rest of us.


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