Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Specialty Cooking

 ... Miranda has pizza dough ready for toppings ...
Michael wants pancakes every morning. Miranda made a stool for him that has four sides and a platform. He crawls up into the stool and there is no chance that he will fall out of it as he helps her measure the ingredients for breakfast. I am reminded of the fencing that they have to keep symphony conductors from making missteps off of their platforms when I see Michael there, helping her.  A railing all around works for kids, too.

Miranda makes a specialty salad for us every night: Cobb, spinach and strawberry with poppy seed dressing, there is always a different ingredient that I wouldn’t have thought of putting in a salad. Right now for entrees, we are feasting on BBQ chicken roll ups on home made wraps.
... the daddy beaver and the little boy beaver are using
an open fire to cook the fish they caught ...

Since I am not in the kitchen that much, I have time for other jobs I like to do. Nothing is much more fun than having a little person slide close to me and want me to read a book. Sometimes Michael touches my arm or rests his little fingers on my bare knee – so comfortable. He likes to hear Giggle, Giggle Quack. I count the reading moments with him as precious – a part of the best 100 Days of My Life.


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