Friday, June 27, 2014

Turtles all the way down

... the garden of Eden ...

From Bonnie:

David said to me, “Is it true that you get to live a long time by sleeping during the day and staying up all night?”  

I  replied, “Where did you hear that idea?”

He answered, “I didn’t hear it.  It is just that grandpa is really, really old.  And it seems that he sleeps all day, every day.  And gets up at night. ”

I thought to myself, what level of answer does he want, is he ready for?  

 And what agenda do I want to push?  

 So I answered, “Lots of people have ideas about what lets you live a very long life.  But the number one thing is being related to somebody who has lived a long life.  Your grandma is very old and your grandpa is really, really old.  Lucky you.  Looks like you are going to live a really long life, too.  There are a few other things we know.  Are there any other things that you know of.”

That evening he brought the conversation up again.  “Well, there is one thing I don’t get mom.  So I am going to live a long time because I am related to old people.  So they must have lived a long time because they were related to someone.  And you keep going back and back and back, but what about that first person who lived a long time.  How did they get to live a long time.?”

And then I answered, “What a good question.  I don’t know the answer.  But lucky you.  You have an Aunt.  Aunt Catherine.  She will know.  You can ask her when she comes.” 

I figure Catherine is my ace in the hole.


  1. great questions, David! I love the snake under your hat. We went to the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney, and sat by a table that had a big snake hanging near it! we wondered if you remember much about living in Florida?

  2. David, we will find you a real snake out on the property and then having that snake creep out of your hat and down your face will be a real surprise.