Sunday, June 1, 2014


... blowing out the first of 14 candles lit on the table ...
In one hundred of the best days of my life one of those days would have to included an evening of playing bridge.

It is not the cards ... for I didn't get any tonight.

Greg and I were partners and the best we could do is bid one of something and make it.

Wyona set up the social evening yesterday, telling us to come over and to bring Michael, Alice and Miranda for a pre-card playing evening.

... the crocodile candle...
She had the candles lit when we arrived.

Candles to a 2 1/2 year old is a signal to blow them out, so Michael extinguished the elephant, the crocodile and the snake in short order.

Then he made his way around the rest of the candles, a joyous event -- all of those candles and just one little boy.

Wyona took us to see the new chairs she has purchased.

... a second try with the turtle candle ...
Free, she said.

She took her own bundle of recyclables into Sicamous and while she was there she met another woman dropping off her things.

The other woman was then on her way to Salmon Arm to buy more used goods at the Jesus Loves You Thrift shop.

Why don't we just look at each other's stuff right now, Wyona suggested.

We can save ourselves time and money.

... a 13 year old making a plate like her mom's ...
If you go down Forest Road, you will also see two chairs outside of my house, which I couldn't fit into the car.

You can have those as well.

So that was the first find we looked at when we got to Wyona's garage -- two lovely straight backed chairs that anyone would want.

Then we looked at old pottery, the first piece one that Wyona did in 1957 when she was 13.

Looking at the Back of the Dish
Inscription: Wyona Pilling, May 1957
The dish was modeled after one Wyora had, even down to the design of the flowers and the bit of gold edging.

The miracle is that fifty-six years later the clay dish is in one piece, having travelled more of the world than most of us.

As to the bridge game?  Yes, we played that as well.  Couldn't have been more fun, even if I had been dealt some hands with at least 13 points.


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