Sunday, June 1, 2014


... area to be re-seeded around the stream ...
I am somewhat reminded of a conversation between my dad and my Uncle Loran.  My grandfather had a flood in the basement of a home he had in Provo.  When my dad told my Uncle about this, my Uncle replied, "If it would take one pump to get the water out, Will will have rented two."

"Yes, that is exactly what happened," replied Doral.

In the same vein, I knew that I would have some seeding to do on the reaches of the stream where water flooded over onto the grass and found its own way down through the culvert at the bottom of the road. 

 a small boy's barefoot as he helps gwamma
1. note blister, now bloody
2. note semi-permanent dirt on bottom of foot
Knowing that grass seed had to be purchased and seeing it with a coupon saying it was $5.00 off, was enough for me to buy six bags of it, instead of the three that it would probably take.

"Don't worry," said Glen.  "Just spread it thicker than usual and you will have a fuller looking lawn a little quicker."

Still, if one pump will do, why rent two?


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