Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Grandma's Bedroom

In my Grandma's bedroom I can find
her favorite doll and hold it.

Or I can really hug it!

Or the doll and I can get into Grandma's hats.
Guess who?


  1. I can guess that is Hebe and I think I am right. I wish I remembered the name of that doll and which Johnson relative made that doll. It is truly remarkable. Hebe, you have good taste in dolls and hats.

  2. Charlene McLung made that doll. I had never seen anything so exquisite. I am not a collector of dolls. But You can't get this one out of my hands. Some people have asked me for it when I die, or am tired of it. I am never going to die and I am never going to get tired of it.

  3. If I covet anything of Arta's, it is that doll. Will trade you one pearl necklace for that doll!