Sunday, June 1, 2014

Preparing the Earth

... thimble berry in bloom ...
What fun can bringing in sod be? 

If I had done that I would have missed the aching muscles in my calves, the stretching of the achilles tendon, the pull on the abs as I carried away wheelbarrow loads of rocks, the chance to really pull that rake through the earth and find out just how many times one more fist sized rock can find its way to the surface.

Wouldn't have wanted to miss one minute of all of that physical work.



  1. hmmmmm this is a way in which i am NOT like my mother....

  2. You are right. I could not draw you into gardening. If you were here, you would be taking all of the good clay down to Janet's and working it into dishes down at the ceramic wheel. I don't want you in my garden taking out all of the good clay. I need it.

    For me, it is interesting, down with my nose right on the earth, trying to find out where the main root of the plant is, giving the branches that snip with the cutters, then a bit of round-up and last of all enjoying the brief span of time before another bush seems to grow up out of no where.

    I am off to do that now and see if I can beat the heat of the rising sun.