Sunday, June 22, 2014

Not for long

"Aunt Bonnie, close your eyes so no one can see us.", whispers Michael.
Michael loves to find a cozy spot and crawl into it.

One day he crawled into a basket of Dress-Up clothes. We didn't know he was in there until he lifted the basket lid with his head and said "It's Larry".*

Another day Michael discovered he could crawl into the newly stained shelving unit. He asked me to come hide in it with him. I thought, "Why not. It's not for long before he will be too tall to fit in here comfortably."

I wish he and Alice didn't have to go back to Calgary so soon. At dinner tonight we continued the tradition Miranda passed along to us. "What was your favorite part of the day?" We each make sure to have something to share. We keep our answers short enough to keep a one year old and a two year old from losing interest in our thoughts. The little ones are gone, but we stuck to the same plan.

David's favorite part of the day was playing a prank on his mother Bonnie and getting her twice with the same trick.

Grandpa's favorite part of the day was when George Potrie sat by him during Sunday School.

Grandma Arta's favorite part of the day was having a visit from Marla. She gifted Arta two Lupins.

Bonnie's favorite part of the day was getting a photo in the mail from her brother Richard, a photo she has now shared with you blog readers.

And what was your favorite part of the day?

*See David or Michael for a demo.

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