Monday, June 30, 2014

Arriving at Kings Cross Station (in Florida)

Update to follow, but... in brief, we have tickets that get us into the new Harry Potter park at Universal Studios, in a two hour slot (soft opening... the official opening is in another week). So.... we went to Kings Cross Station, to platform 9 and 3/4, and rode the Hogwarts Express! Yee hah.... took us all the way to Diagon Alley!


  1. Now there is a train ride I haven't taken yet? How was it Duncan? The inside of the station looks fantastic. And the selfie is well done! Thanks.

  2. Amazing photos and what a fabulous trip!!!! I am going to show my kids the photos tonight. They will be severely jealous.

    Curious minds want to know: what do you do at all these places? Is there shopping? Rides? Or do you just enjoy soaking up all the detail and the feeling of being right there in the movie?

  3. Did you have to run through a wall to get onto the train?

  4. We were asking the same questions in a different form of Rebecca. Who enjoyed it most. What was the most fun. You should hear how long the answers are! The short answer from Rebecca was...I enjoyed it most. I have read all of the books out loud, twice, seen the movies, planned for the trip. My happiness was at 10/10 the whole day. I bought lots of stuff. Here, you can have a key ring, but only if you really love it. If you are only neutral or like it just a bit (that is me), leave it for others who will go wild over it. My only mistake was not bringing more money.

    I think she said it is this way -- 2 large theme parks and the King's Crossing Train that takes you from one to the other. You can buy tickets for 1 park, or the other, or buy both and then just go back and forth. The train takes you through the common area to enjoy ... lots of shopping, etc. I think a walk from one place to the other takes at least 45 minutes, but the train back and forth is fast.

    And that is only 1/100th part of what she told us last night.