Thursday, June 19, 2014

Brussels with Wyona and Tonia

Here I am in Brussels. Our hotel is just a couple of blocks from the Grande Place.
The rooftops are superb. I cannot see much in the windows because everyone seems to keep the blinds drawn. I can still stand and stare at the rooftops and beyond for a long time.

There is always at least one edifice in the Grand Place that is having a facelift. To the left of this picture, in front of the horse carriages, you can see the scaffolding on this edifice. The scaffolding is covered with plastic which has the face of the building painted on it. 

Here the Leonidas sit in the shop but there are five boxes sitting in front of me. Delicious!

I left my heart
In Brussels Belgium
And there a sweetheart came to me
Her name was Zoe.


  1. Thanks for the post, Wyona. Hard not to be filled with memories of trips to Brussels -- buying scarves with butterfly prints on them, the frits, the magic of the mannequin, the faces of all of the guild doors on the square. Lucky you and Tonia.

    Also noticed that you saw the Pearl Fishers in London. I have fond memories of that as well. Enjoy every well deserved moment.

  2. Knowing you are with Tonia eating Leonidas makes me almost as happy as if I were eating them with you myself! Remember when we had Frites Belge with all th right sauces in Toulon on our Italian Cruise?

  3. I forget that Zoe was born in Brussels. She is a sweetheart.