Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One thing I am grateful for...

...a washing machine that works.  Especially since I thought mine was broken.

While being grateful for my working washing machine I had a flashback to summer days watching my mom and "the aunts" wash laundry and hang it up to dry on the line. 

This isn't a perfect photo, but does anyone else remember a washing machine set up outside that looked pretty similar to this one?


  1. Hi Mary,
    Moiya was telling the story of the wringer washer to Desiree this month, about helping with the wash, even though she wasn't the person who triggered bucketloads full of cloth diapers that had to go through the wash, into the ringer, into the rinse, back into the ringer and then be hung on the laundry lines that were hung between the two cabins.

    Wyona once said that the only grass that was trampled down between the two cabins was the path that we walked on to hang that washing up, and then take it down (quickly if it started to rain).

    I have a picture hanging in me house -- me at the wringer washer, a workdress on and a kerchief tying my hair back.

    Funny that the flashback came to you when you imagined you might have no washer for a while. That is enough to strike terror to the heart of anyone trying to keep up with the laundry.

  2. I remember the ringer washer. Was never old enough to use it, thankfully.

  3. I remember using this washing machine always wondering if my fingers were going to go through the two rollers and get squashed like the wet clothes. I can't believe it is still around1