Monday, June 30, 2014


... looking from above ...
 ...side view ...
My favorite waffle is a sour dough waffle: two cups of flour, two cups of water and then the sun to ferment the mixture until it is ready to be made into waffles.

The addition of eggs, oil and sugar helps. Wyona has a recipe for waffles where the egg whites are folded into a batter to give extra height.

Hebe wants only a hint of strawberry and a smide of whipped cream.
Glen has a formula for the waffles at his house.

N = number of persons eating.

2N = number of eggs to add, etc.

That is the waffle recipe I tried for our first waffles, fruit and whipped cream extravaganza.

... before Meighan's first bite...
Catherine said it is disappointing to her that her children haven’t picked up her childhood tastes in waffles.

They aren’t interesting in all of that whipping cream and fruit. That didn’t hold us back from preparing a breakfast fit for a king.

Some ate heartily.

Some only a bit.

... finished it off ...
We used the raspberries I had frozen last year and added some bananas to the second bowl of raspberries as a healthy alternative.

Wish you had been here, for there were dozens of waffles left over.


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  1. Waffles left over???? But all the whipped cream was gone right? That is the only reason I can think of for there to be left over waffles.