Monday, June 30, 2014

Stella Cherries (or) Chanelling the lake

Xavier, Naomi and Rhiannon with stella cherry earings.
OK, so they are not BC cherries, but we do have a cherry tree in our front yard. 

Stella cherries.  That might not mean anything to anyone except me (and Glen). 

We bought the tree for our front yard because they are a kind of cherry tree that can produce fruit without other cherry trees nearby.  We only had room for one tree.  I think they call it self-fertile or self-pollinating.

These cherries are also know as bird cherries because the birds will steal them all. 

A few years the birds have stripped the tree in one day. 

Several times we have looked at the tree and thought, "oh, let's just give those cherries one more day in the sun to ripen up."  And then the next day they are all gone.

Not this year.  We hung old CD's in the tress to scare off the birds.  We have also been picking all red ones every morning.


  1. I wonder if the CDs were just shiny, or also produced some sound. I hope they were Canadian. Or, did you put up "Bird is the Word"?

  2. I hate it when the cherries get there first! Good Trick!

  3. I am told the glare on the CDs as they twist in the tree scares the birds away. We did catch sight of a few Robins in the tree, but not as many of years past. I felt a little bad about not sharing with the birds, but now my freezer is full of cherries. Yay for me!!!

  4. Bonnie, I laughed so hard at your joke. Do you know that in my office I have a print of a seagull with a word bubble, and in the bubble it says "Word."