Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Feeling the excitement 4000 miles away

...  ready to visit the lake ...
Catherine writes, 

"Hebe wanted to send a photo today because she is getting ready to come and visit you." 

"These are her summer clothes."

Arta adds:

The water in the Shuswap is already rising. In one week alone we have lost half the beach to the lake.

Uncle Glen says the water might rise as high as 15 feet up the beach.


More water.

I saw Wyona's standing surf board being taken out of the package.  Now I wish I had purchased one at Costco.  Or maybe even two.

My canoe is already down at the beach. The paddles are up at the house.

Next step? 

Checking out the life jackets.

And ... I can hardly wait to see Hebe in those new clothes!

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